My name is Julie E. Barton. I enjoy writing fiction stories the most. However, I’ve also written a book of poetry, a children’s chapter book, and most recently, a health - clutter organizing book! 

I’ve been writing since I was 13 years old and enjoy the research, exploration, and process of writing. (And get really charged up when I press "publish" on my latest work!)


I've created a space here to connect with me, as a writer and an aspiring author; to learn about my upcoming projects, currently released books, and have an easy way to purchase on demand any of my books you see on this site. (Go to the Books tab.)

Word of mouth has been the best way for readers to find out about me, through social media, text, email, or good old fashioned enthusiastic face-to-face communication, whenever that is safely possible. 


Please connect with me through my email: to discuss and give feedback on my books.

My goal is to reach 1 new person each day with my written works!


Please check back regularly to see what is new here at, for ongoing engagement and new announcements!