Hi, I'm Julie E. Barton, follower of Jesus, wife, mom, author, writer, organizing enthusiast, journaler, dreamer, and "enoughist." 


I’ve been writing since the age of 13 and enjoy the research, exploration, and process of writing. (I still get really charged up when I can press "publish" on my latest work!)


I enjoy writing fiction stories the most. However, I’ve also written in the genres of poetry, children, organizing,  and most recently spiritual --a marriage devotional book! 


I've created a space for you to connect with me, contact, as a writer and author:

You can learn about my upcoming projects, currently released books, and have an easy way to purchase on demand any of my books you see on this site.



Please connect with me through my email: info@hawkhousepress.org to discuss and give feedback on my books and books you are reading!


Please check back regularly to see what is new here at hawkhousepress.org, for ongoing engagement and new announcements.  Write on!