New Release! To get your copy: A Two Path Journey, A Marriage Devotional Guide

What is a Two Path journey? It occurs when one partner in the marriage is following God and the other one walks away from God or has not yet chosen to follow God. 


In this new release Julie Barton reveals her own two path journey; being "spiritually single" for several years. Barton  vulnerably shares what she learned and the basic but powerful spiritual skills that helped her faithfully rely on God to witness the spiritual victory that God brought about in her marriage and life! 


If you are experiencing a two path journey in your marriage, each chapter covers an aspect of this journey that will  encourage, inspire, and support you along the way; with relevant scriptures, suggested tools, and my personal experience and reflections from my own journey.

(This is Book 1 in the Spiritual Warrior Journey series.) 

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I believe prayer is powerful because our God is POWERFUL! You are on my heart.<3  -II Thessalonians 3:5 - "May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance."