The Clutter - Health Connection (2021)              

I could see the stress and energy drain that my clients felt from ongoing clutter in their living environment; a place that should be their restful haven.  

So I've pulled together the most relevant research available to guide you from the reality of personal energy drain, due to the clutter in our homes,  and connect that with the resulting long term physical / health impacts this stressor -- clutter -- produces; and guide you back toward optimal health.  

In this book, we will explore the topics listed below and ways to change that circumstance in order to improve your health. I’m very excited to share the helpful and health-ful information with you!


The Clutter - Health Connection covers the following topics:

How Clutter Affects Our Health

Our Environment: The Health/Clutter Connection

Our Stuff: The Source

Our Emotions and Our Stuff: The Health Impacts

Return to Health: The Goal

Purging /Organizing Suggestions: The Solution

Cleared Clutter, Healed Health!

[Available in Paperback (84 pages), and eBook formats.]

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Bonus material:

  • Helpful quick reference org cards, online resources, and more!  (Click link below)
  • Book Club Discussion Guide (with special thanks to Alda S. for the suggestion!)
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